The 90-90-90 Compendium Volume 2: Clinicians’ Guide. 30/5/2017

Published by HST

Volume 2: Clinicians’ Guide is designed to assist busy medical practitioners in the field with patient management by providing current, essential, practical guidance and background, packaged into a single resource. Framed within the evolving Universal Test and Treat approach, the Guide presents illustrative cascades for adult and paediatric HIV care, HIV in pregnancy and PMTCT, and drug-sensitive and drug-resistant TB care.

If used effectively, this Guide has the potential to make a significant impact on the quality of clinical care provided to HIV and TB clients. Although primarily a clinician’s resource, it should also prove to be a useful tool for facility and public health managers in their oversight of HIV and TB service delivery at facility and district level.

You can access the resource here

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