CCoH Facilitators Training, Mazenod 12-18 November 2017



CABSA complete the first of two trainings for the Field Band Foundation. The week was an amazing journey with the foundation’s members. We were spoiled by their musical abilities on the Wednesday night as they took us through a demonstration of what they are doing.

The Field Band Foundation is an organisation that reaches out to poor communities and in particular to the children in these communities. They train the children in various musical instruments and with it they also teach life skills, as to try and reach the child holistically. Almost all the leaders that was at the training are men and women that grew up in this foundation. they were the little boy and girl who was reached out to by the Field Band Foundation and today they are leading it.

The week was very insightful and caused for real discussion through some of the modules. We looking forward to the second training that will take place in from the 3rd to the 9th December.


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