How to use Positive Faith. 2017


Positive Faith is a website which can be used by you, for your own support, to support others or because you have decided as a Christian to ensure your church and community can make steps to create welcome for people living with HIV.

The videos are presented in a certain order but are distinct from each other, and can be used creatively. Our videos are honest but encouraging in tone.

  • Living with HIV – Pastoral videos directly addressed to people living with HIV, tackling a range of issues straight on that might be affecting someone recently diagnosed, or who may have been living with HIV for some time.
  • HIV and Faith Matters – formed of interviews with people living with HIV and theologians and church and lay leaders. People living with HIV may find these videos encouraging and useful, and for churches, schools, clinics etc, they offer an increased awareness the HIV journey for people of Christian faith.
  • Church, Community and HIV – these videos are also in the same format as the 'HIV and Faith Matters' but have Christians in mind. Not just for pastors and ministers, but also members of the congregation, parishioners, school teachers, youth workers, trainers and so on.

You can access the resource here

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