Organizational Capacity Assessment Tool. 2017


The Organizational Capacity Assessment Tool (OCAT) is a free online tool that helps non profits assess their operational capacity and identify strengths and areas for improvement. The tool is free of charge. It is an in-depth, online survey that allows the Board, leadership and staff of a non-profit to measure how well their organization performs against best practices.

To administer the survey, you will need to register your organization by launching the tool here, and invite members of your organization to participate within a designated time period. Participants will be asked to provide their view of how well the organization performs along 10 dimensions. Once the survey is complete, a unique report is generated that provides an aggregate view of how the respondents believe the organization is performing in areas such as management, marketing, innovation, and strategy-setting.

The insights from the OCAT provide an excellent foundation for conversations and decision-making about actions to make the organization stronger.

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