CARIS - Christian AIDS Resource and Information Service.

 CARIS is a project of CABSA and one of the tools through which CABSA aims to achieve its vision.  Although our functions overlap, CARIS is mostly responsible for the information provision and networking part of our mission.

This website forms an important part of the services CARIS provides, but two other services can be highlighted.
Resource Centre:
A comprehensive HIV and AIDS Resource Centre is available at the CARIS office in Randburg. (This office moved to the top floor of the same building in January 2017). Materials available include books, magazines, pamphlets, articles, videos and CD–ROMs.   The more than 3500 items in the centre can be used by anyone. A manual and classification system was developed for HIV resource centres in faith based settings.  I would like to invite you to arrange with me to visit the centre during office hours.  If this is not possible - join me for a virtual visit:
Welcome!  Please come inside....(hte entry is now to the right at the main entrance of the Ministry building)
We have a selection of free materials that you can use as you require.
Make yourself at home and select what you would like to work on - we have more than 7000 items in the resource centre.  Luckily all materials are classified and form part of our online database, so it is easy to find what you require.
We also have a selection of DVDs and Videos - you can browse through these in our video corner to see if it suits your needs.
 Even a door becomes a display space for posters!
 CARIS acts as a distribution centre for a limited amount of resource materials.  

CARIS is responsible for updating and maintaining this website.

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