Lyn's Comment:

There is a lot of excitement about the possibilities circumcision holds as HIV prevention tool. We will keep you up to date on new developments.

There is also some confusion: It is important to remember that even though this is potentially a valuable prevention method, researchers do not claim that circumcision can prevent all transmission.

There are also some concerns that circumcision my have a negative influence on condom use and gender equality.

It is very important to note the recommendation in the 2007 WHO/UNAIDS document New Data On Male Circumcision And HIV Prevention: Policy And Programme Implications:

Conclusion 3: Correct communication and messages on male circumcision are critical “Communities and particularly men opting for the procedure and their partners require careful and balanced information and education materials that underline that male circumcision is not a ‘magic bullet’ for HIV prevention but is complementary to other ways of reducing risk of HIV infection.”

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