Community Organising - Handbook for CBOs. (2006) IDASA

The single most powerful asset that community-based organisations (CBOs) have is that they are so close to the people in their communities. This means you and your organisation are best placed to identify the needs of your community. You also are most able to organise the different sections or parts of your community in a way that ensures their voices are heard and they have a say in what happens in the community.
This notebook will guide you on some of the strategies and techniques you can use to enable your organisation to have the biggest impact possible at a local level. You might use some of these strategies and techniques already. The main aim of this guide is to help you to check to see if what you are doing can be improved by using the structured tools and techniques of development. We hope that you will find some new ideas that will make your work at local level more powerful. Download from IDASA website at, under Programmes, Institutional Capacity Building .

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