The Roots of the NGO Crisis in South Africa: A Look beyond the Surface


The Roots of the NGO Crisis in South Africa:




In this historical analysis Frank Julie postulates that the roots of the current NGO crisis in South Africa can be located in the shifts in leadership and modes of learning that have occurred within three historical periods. These shifts were accompanied by broader shifts in the power relations in South Africa post 1994 and the witting or unwitting collusion of sections of the NGO leadership to a discourse that was detrimental to the interest of the poor and marginalized. Julie argues that the entry of new leadership generations into the NGO sector and how knowledge, skills and experiences were produced and transferred in the second and third historical periods facilitated this collusion.

“I really like what you are saying, what you do with the issue, I think it’s a great study and well worth the reading by anyone in leadership positions in South Africa. Great work! 

(Allan Kaplan: Co-director of Proteus Initiative and Author of Development Practitioners and Social Process: Artists of the Invisible)

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